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About Phase2 Health, LLC

Phase2 Health, LLC is a commercial advisory firm that provides go-to-market consulting, venture fundraising, and executive search and placement for digital health companies that advance patient care. Having grown client’s revenue by an average of 350% in as little as six months, we help startups and established brands increase their enterprise value and get ready for their next phase of growth.

“We wrote a powerful SaaS application to fulfill some of the unmet needs of our client base. However, no one on our team had commercialized a product before and we found ourselves in need of help. We found ourselves with the greatest product, but one that no one had ever heard of! Dan and the Phase 2 team provided incredible guidance to help us get our product to market, focused on product – market – fit journey. They were excellent partners as we pivoted a few times throughout the process. When it became time to hire our own in-house executive team to lead the effort, the Phase2 recruiters found top of the market candidates that we never had met before – and we felt like we had a wide network of our own! The interview process was incredibly smooth and minimized disruption to our core business functions. We received resumes that were excellently pre-screened, which allowed us to quickly narrow in on a few key candidates. When it came time to negotiate salary and options, the Phase 2 team jumped back in to provide guidance on what they were seeing in the market. With our new team member on board, we are already seeing an incredible lift in our trajectory. We could not be more grateful to Phase 2 for being our trusted advisors throughout this critical process.”
Ben Quirk
Chief Strategy Officer, CareOptimize

How We Help

We help health technology companies lay a critical commercial foundation of product-market fit, pipeline, and process and help them attract and on-board top leadership and activate and optimize growth marketing.

Phase2 Health, LLC works with post-series-A digital health companies and investors, offering access to resources and know-how to accelerate growth and commercial success.
Tell us more about your portfolio or company and our team will reach out to discuss your next phase of growth.

Our Model: The 4P Pyramid

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies, seen successes and failures, and distilled best practices to give healthcare entrepreneurs the best chance of commercial success.

We call it the 4P Pyramid.