When to hire.

Q1 Versus Q4: When is the Best Time to Hire New Talent?

For many digital health companies, Q4 is a better time to hire than the start of the new calendar year, especially in 2020 and beyond.

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Marketing Blog Post

Marketing During COVID-19: Activate Your Content Marketing Program

As the economy reckons with COVID-19, tactful and strategic marketing should be a priority for digital health startups: Right now, it’s all about the pandemic …

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As More Docs Embrace Digital Health, Here’s What We’re Advising Our Clients

This article was written before the novel COVID-19 rocked the nation. Much has changed, very quickly, since the AMA report was released. Still, the report …

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The Right Sales Leader Can Transform Your Digital Health Startup. Here’s How to Find “The One.”

Let’s start off with a dismal stat: A startup’s first Vice President of Sales has a 1 in 4 chance of success—and most of them …

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Precision Medicine is the Key to Our Hearts: Partnering With InsightRX

Partnering with InsightRX Back in the fall of 2019, we did an exciting thing: We invested in InsightRX. Digital health companies that advance precision medicine …

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