Marketing with Phase2 Health, LLC

What We Do for You: Marketing With Phase2 Health, LLC

Our marketing team builds a lasting community in digital health around your brand by transforming your story into a content-driven digital foundation.

For that to work, transparency and collaboration are keys to success. We’ll work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive 12-month plan with measurable objectives that meet your needs. You’ll have access to our team of designers, writers, marketing ninjas, and healthcare experts at every juncture. Along the way, we’ll regularly share progress and milestones. Heck, we might even pop the champagne to celebrate our shared successes.

Why an effective marketing team matters:

Selling into healthcare can be hard, gritty work—and the sales cycle can seem like it moves at a glacial pace.

Sales teams who navigate those waters alone—with no support from inbound marketing—tend to experience far lower close rates. Alternatively, companies that tentpole their whole marketing machine on one person (or spread those responsibilities across a their team) do too.

On the flip side, when marketing is done well (by experienced marketers), it acts as the bridge between prospects, salespeople, customer success managers, and happy clients. It’s cyclical, after all: By bridging your company’s existing successes back to those in the consideration phase, it makes a compelling case to get lingering prospects across the finish line.

And that is the secret sauce of sustainable growth and maximum enterprise value.

Common Marketing Efforts

Marketing Lead or Director

A single marketing lead or director Lower close rates and slower turnaround time because of tentpoling on entire marketing machine on one person.


Sales Lead, COO, and Head of Product

Marketing responsibilities shared and spread across the team. Lower close rates and slower turnaround time on things like product development, fundraising. and operation. Less focus and time to dedicate to meaningful tasks. Longer working hours without as impactful of results.

Marketing with Phase2 Health, LLC

The Phase2 Team

Your Team

A team of designers, writers, marketing ninjas, sales and healthcare experts. Enhances and supports your current team. Acts as the bridge between prospects. salespeople. customer success managers and happy clients to create a cadence of content and marketing activities that drive sustainable growth and maximum enterprise value.

Here’s a taste of what working with our marketing team looks like:

  • Meetings: We hold weekly meetings to review plans and content, track what’s working, and recalibrate where needed.
  • Project Management: We manage all of our projects and work in Asana. You’ll get access to collaborate and follow along.
  • Collaboration: We’ll add you to a custom Slack channel, dedicated to your company’s marketing. We encourage you to add our team to yours so we can better coordinate together and catch exciting news or efforts.

We firmly believe marketing and sales deserve each other. Our marketing team works alongside Phase2 Health’s team of digital health sales experts. They advise and help guide strategy, offering you the best possible approach to marketing in digital health.

Forgive the cliché, but we mean it: Together, we can do great things.

Outline of Work: What You Can Expect

The work outlined below is a sample foundation we build from with most of our marketing clients. Each month, we plot out the best priorities as your company, pipeline and community evolve.

Stage Activity
Community • Your community consists of subscribers that are aware of you and have opted in to hear via social, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc. This is ongoing in the sales process and is constantly being built and maintained.

• Thought leadership via blog, social, newsletters, academic journals, etc.

• Embrace a social cause that extends customer impact, create a group for discussion and sharing and connecting, podcast with guests.
Lead • Members of your community convert to leads when they interact with certain content case studies, leadpages, contact forms, etc.

• Have case studies gated and ready for download, make contact forms meaningful and gather information, follow up letters from the CEO about the downloaded content or contact info gathered on form.
MQL • Keep them warm with a steady but not invasive flow of content and automated contact.

• Educate them with leadpages and automated emails, not requesting a call but instead offering more information directly in the email.

• Share a past blog post, an academic study that showcases the effect of the product or service.
SQL • Handoff from Marketing to Sales with a supportive piece of content. Onepager, or abstract.

• Keep them engaged by keeping them active in your community with supportive social posts and company updates/conversations.

• Support sales by creating content that helps drive their messaging.
Opportunity • Keep warm with content catered stage that's educational and exciting
Sales Process Discovery In Progress • Run agile campaigns (email, social for example) that accommodate feedback from the sales team. Sales and marketing in sync and communicating what works and what doesn't, using data to optimize the campaigns constantly for the best results.
Qualified • Sales supportive content - example: gather a list of common customer objections, create detailed material for each query and distribute it across the team.

• Leadpages on different aspects of the product, services, or solutions.

• Detailed whitepapers answering common questions.

• Messaging bibles that address issues, concerns and questions.
Presenting/Demos • Collaborating with sales to create strong presentations with visuals.

• Messaging and positioning for demos.
Proposal • Assist with proposal creation, messaging and visuals.

• Case studies and whitepapers with strong results and education.
Workshop • Messaging and positioning.

• Case studies academic publications and customer testimonials.
Negotiation • Support, community engagement (social/email/blog).
Customer • Immediately partner with customer success to create a customer thought leader.
Evangelist • Customer participates in testimonial videos, speaking engagements, case studies, reference programs, etc.

Month 1: To kick things off, our team talks with your team (and customers as appropriate) to develop a brand, data, and community assessment and marketing plan. That means diving in head-first to understand the business, using empathy and perspective to relate to your customers and providing effective marketing at the crossroads of awareness and action. From there, we’ll craft a 12-month marketing strategy and OKRs while working with your team to support current marketing efforts and goals so nothing falls through the cracks.

Sample foundational activities:

  • Website Audit: We evaluate your current website and identify areas for optimization, such as a rebuild, messaging refresh, reorganization, new imagery, logo and/or brand identity, and backend optimization.
  • Channel Audit: We’ll assess your content channels to identify opportunities to improve or optimize, including social media, blog, newsletters, and more.
  • Insights & Automation: Our team works with you to optimize HubSpot (or your preferred marketing automation platform) and leverage the tool and data.
  • Content Audit: Our team reviews your current library of content and determines how to strategically repurpose it and build from it. We review the data you have on how it performed and we develop a plan to create additional content and determine how to position it to your community.

Month 2-12: Working from our marketing assessment, plan and OKR’s, our team creates a cadence of content to help drive revenue and sustainable growth and increase enterprise value.

Sample content cadence:

Blogs and Newsletters 1-2 blog posts each month; monthly newsletter.
Gated (Downloadable) Content 1-2 per quarter including white papers, case studies, or an academic abstract and paper.
Custom landing pages and CTAs Creating and maintaining specialized landing pages and calls-to-action that move the audience through the funnel and support content, blogs, events, and other activities.
Social Media Strategically craft campaigns, manage posts, monitor conversations, work with influencers, community management, and analytics.
Basic SEO Optimization, maintenance, and keyword research.
Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing Campaigns About 1-2 per quarter, selected strategically based on sales activities, conferences, attendance, content creation, and happenings within the industry and your community.
Website Maintenance and Support Backend support for both the website and HubSpot, including plugin updates, website backups, Google Analytics, and monitoring of the site for performance.


As we said earlier, we’re in this together. Our team loves everything about marketing for digital health, the blogging, designing, creating, and automating. We collaborate with your team and become part of the crew.

A year allows us to try new things, learn from what works, and get in a groove on this journey together.

+Add-on Services

Additional services may be identified in the process of working together and are in addition to the monthly fee. We’ll scope them out together as needed. These could include (but aren’t limited to) event planning and management, press releases and other PR needs, media outreach, photography, and videography, explainer videos, and paid social.

Questions? Contact Us.