Precision Medicine is the Key to Our Hearts: Partnering With InsightRX

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Partnering with InsightRX

Back in the fall of 2019, we did an exciting thing: We invested in InsightRX.

Digital health companies that advance precision medicine are the apple to our eye. Or are they the peanut butter to our jelly? Whatever it is, we believe personalized patient care is the future of medicine. Half of our team has worked in the precision medicine space and we are well aware of the impact it has made and will continue to make on healthcare. 

So, when we had the opportunity to participate in InsightRX’s $10M Series A funding round, we jumped at the chance. 

Simple Precision Drug Dosing

InsightRX combines data from patient demographics and biology with drug insights so that clinicians can deliver the right dose at the right time for the right patient. 

This increases the likelihood that patients get the most therapeutic benefit from drugs like antibiotics and blood thinners with minimal side effects. InsightRX’s digital health solution is currently used across more than 100 clinical areas, from organ transplant to  infectious disease. The company has commercial partnerships with several titans in the precision medicine space, including UCSF, Stanford, and Genentech.

Mission-Driven Round

Like most of our partners, InsightRX is mission-driven. And already, the platform has played a key role in not only helping improve point-of-care delivery, but also in integrating precision dosing into the drug development process.

Thanks to Bayesian statistical methods and machine learning, the solution delivers faster intel about drug response profiles so that investigators can more nimbly apply dosing changes in the lab for the betterment of global research.

This round of funding supports InsightRX’s integration with more therapies, along with its expansion into additional hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. With that move forward, even more patients can benefit from the technology. 

The Key To Better Healthcare

Last year, InsightRX Founder and CEO Sirj Goswami, PhD, told Forbes that to tap the full promise of precision medicine, it’ll take scalable digital solutions. We couldn’t agree more. 

That’s why Phase2 Health believes that digital health is the key to improving healthcare. Our team knows precision medicine is leading change along with other technologies that advance patient-centric care to improve outcomes and reduce costs. 

We’re excited to partner with and support Sirj and the rest of the InsightRX team as they push digital health and precision medicine to new frontiers. 

Thanks for partnering with us, InsightRX! We look forward to supporting you on this exciting journey.

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