Dan Baker

Managing Partner

Dan has spent 17 years on the front lines of the digitization of healthcare. From being the top Enterprise Sales Executive for 7 years to leading teams as the Senior Vice President of Sales, Dan has delivered 40x bookings, assisted in fundraising $70M, and built relationships with the world’s leading health systems.

Dan now serves as a mentor and advisor to early stage founders to help find product-market fit, build their sales teams, and establish a solid foundation to scale the company.

Find the fight person

Are You Targeting the Right Prospects?

The ideal entry point represents the person most likely to carry your solution through to implementation, and it’s typically a clinical or business champion, like a physician or director. They’re the people you want to start with from the outset, rather than a close contact down the chain or in the wrong department who you hope can get you to the right person eventually.
process words

Plan Your Process: An Easy 6-Step Account Planning Method for Commercial Success

Defining a process, and then replicating it, isn’t always easy. In healthcare sales, the winning recipe is likely more straightforward than you might think.
Healthcare women and sales guy reviewing digital product

Buying the First Customer: When (If Ever) Is It Worth It?

There’s an adage in digital health sales that you have to buy your first couple of customers in the absence of any evidence. But don't just give your product away.
Ideal Client Profile

10-Minute Workshop: How to Find Your Ideal Client Profile

Who is your ideal client profile? To help brands answer that question, we take them through a simple, four-part exercise that takes most 10-minutes tops to complete.

The Right Sales Leader Can Transform Your Digital Health Startup. Here’s How to Find “The One.”