The 4P Pyramid

We’ve mentored and worked with hundreds of companies, seen successes and failures, and distilled our experience into best practices that give healthcare entrepreneurs the best chance of success.

The 4P Pyramid

  • Product-Market Fit
  • Pipeline
  • Process
  • People

Product-Market Fit

Ensure your strategy, value, and message are aligned and clear.

42% of companies fail because they don't have a stable product-market fit. We evaluate your strategy and the economics behind it and help you discover your ideal customer, a story that resonates, and quantify the value of your solution into a defensible business case.

Our growth marketing team then works with you to develop ongoing market research, content creation, blog management, email campaigns, and social strategy.


Win in the marketplace at the expense of the competition

We help you define and structure a Pipeline you can track and measure. As we work on filling your pipeline with qualified leads and opportunities, we’ll quickly see areas where conversion rates can be optimized.


Build a lead generation machine that scales as you do

By developing your Process for sales and marketing in tandem, we compliment each capability. Outbound sales campaigns are aligned with automated marketing and digital components – all progressing your leads through your sales funnel faster.



Attract the right talent with help from an experienced eye.

The final layer in the 4P model is People. Our executive search services ensures operators on the ground are assisting you to select the right candidate for the job.

Build a commercialization structure that will make you succeed

Phase2 Health, LLC works with investors, founders, and business management to accelerate sales and ignite growth. Our experience in healthcare technology will help you reduce executional risk and ensure you reach prospects with a powerful message that helps you close the deal.

Top reasons digital health companies fail

No market need
Ran out of cash
Not the right team
Get outcompeted
Pricing/cost issues

* Adapted from CB Insights “The Top Reasons Startups Fail

Sample Engagement

~30 days

4P Assessment and schedule engagement deliverables

120 days

Fill prioritized gaps in Pipeline & Process. Partner with leadership to close high-potential deals.

180-360 days

Supplement or hire junior roles for sales & marketing. Define and execute roadmap toward VP hiring and on-boarding.

Through exit

Board / Formal advisory

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We help health technology companies work through this process and build a strong foundation for growth.